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Time will tell...

The majority of inquiries we receive for puppies start off with essentially the same question: "Are they all spoken for?"

We're going to take a minute to explain why this question does not apply. 

We do not keep waiting lists, nor take deposits on our puppies (unlike many other breeders). You may think this is odd and a bad business model -- but that's just it, we are not a business. We are dedicated to our dogs, and our number one priority for our puppies is ensuring they are going to the perfect home for them.

This builds on the knowledge that every puppy is different, and that every family/person has different expectations for their dog. We use temperament testing to guage what traits the puppy has and will develop as they grow up, and use these to fit them to their family (along with their general personality).

As such, at the end of the day, we may not have a puppy that is suitable for you, and we are not afraid to say so. We are never in a rush to home our puppies, so if we have a puppy that does not have a suitable inquiry, we hold onto it until we do. The right people will come. Eventually. Until then, we love them.

So please understand, we cannot guarantee you a puppy when you inquire, we can only ask you to keep in touch, follow the website and Facebook, and come visit when the puppies are old enough. Typically you give us your top three picks from the litter, and after temperament testing, we see if we can match. Sometimes you would be surprised - after testing, a puppy that you didn't perhaps really consider may be the perfect one - or sometimes there is an instant connection.

So with all that said - thank you for inquiring after our puppies, keep in touch, and have patience. Good things come to those who wait.

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