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So you want to have Quail, eh?

Let us first say, we have learned a lot in our first few days of Button Quail ownership.

#1: Button Quail are VERY different from Coturnix Quail - which, we have learned, are your typical egg-laying Quail.

In our excitement, our initial Google searches and attempts at comparison failed to mention the NOTABLE size difference between the two varieties.

Apparently we purchased the pint-sized version.

#2: Button Quail are designed with anti-gravity thrusters, and a well developed sense to find the only way of escape.

We have now experienced a real-life re-enactment of the scene from The Rescuers where the Alligators are trying to catch the mice being blown up the pipes of the organ. Google it. Then imagine it with Katie madly grabbing at tiny birds jumping up from behind the freezer - all that was missing was the soundtrack.

#3: They are almost mesmerizing with their cute, wild-bird-like, chirrups and flutters. They are actually really calming to just hang out with. However, they seem to suspect that any movement to enter their cage is an attempt at murder. Refer to #2.

We have decided that although we had planned on the larger version, these cute little miniatures will work as an easy test on whether we want to continue with Quail or deviate to more familiar poultry such as Chickens or Duck. Worst case, these are damn cute pets. Easier to care for than a fish tank in our opinion.

If we do decide to super-size our Quail variety, we are also planning on saving up for these awesome, well-designed, cages from Hatching Time that seem a good investment for proper Quail care. We have found a good source for Quail nearby and look forward to working with them in future.

Our Quail did gift us with 1 egg the day after we got them. Nothing since, but as we are still working out details (although we had feed, we had to wait on the grit since we needed a fine variety typically used for Finches etc.) we suspect that they too are still adjusting to the new accommodations. We have given them the cast off toys of our rabbit to ensure they have different types of flooring, areas to roost and scratch in, and a nesting box filled with hay to ruck up and nestle into.

We expect that we will continue to learn about having Quail - and look forward to it. Hopefully nothing too exciting other than eggs!

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