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Great Pyrenees Breeder

Breeding a Pyrenees who is as comfortable doing its ancestral job of livestock protection as it is living in a home

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Our Breeding Goal

Overall health and longevity of life are our primary goals. It is important that the dog is well balanced mentally as well, being able to transition from being in the field to in the house with no effort. 

We do not want to lose the livestock guardian heritage of this breed, and strive to maintain it in this modernized world.

Soundness and longevity i.e. health, overrides breeding for large size and heavy coat, provided size is within standard. We breed dogs who can survive in the elements without issue.

All our Great Pyrenees puppies have a lifetime guarantee against congenital and genetic defects (defects they are born with or inherit, respectively). We offer support to the owners of our dogs for life.


Katie Goliboski and
 James Eisenbach
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Cidwm Reg. Great Pyrenees

P: 1-519-304-2116

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Brantford, Ontario

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