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Available Pyrenees

Current litter: 
Gr.Ch.B. Shanlimore Cidwm Glenire, CGN, NS, TT (Troll) x Ch. Cidwm's Glenire Blitzen, TT (Stachio)


Born: February 8, 2023

We have one male and two females available from this litter currently.

There is one working prospect available (Penny), and all puppies have been exposed to ducks and horses so far. Once our chickens are bigger, the puppies will also be exposed to them.

At this time we are unable to keep a sheep flock (to our dismay - but fencing is fencing!). 

The puppies have had all their vaccinations (including Rabies), and all were healthy and happy - our vet could not get over their great temperaments. .

These are feisty puppies that are very communicative and engaging. They are crate and leash trained, and used to travel.

Icarus is very much a house pet looking for an active family.

P!nk too is a city-girl at heart and would do best in an adult home, as she is a little conservative with new events until she has figured out all the angles.

Penny is a too-clever girl who would excel at livestock guardianship if she had the right tutor and was not allowed to get her way all the time ;)

If interested, please use the contact us form on our main page to start the conversation.

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2 females


If you are looking for a Pyrenees at this time, and do not perhaps mind a "project", we recommend contacting the following:

Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario Rescue

GPCC Breeder's Corner

Be sure to do your research on where your dog is coming from! If you are purchasing it from a farm, it does not mean it is a GOOD Pyrenees. You want to be sure that the parents have had health clearances from SPECIALIST VETERINARIANS (a 'healthy' dog does not mean it is good to be bred). Many genetic conditions are not always visible, there needs to be testing done to check for them.

If you are paying more than $1000 and there is no health guarantee (lifetime, not year -- they are not TOYS) from the breeder, they are not not vaccinated, and do not come with paperwork (even if only a purchase agreement) -- WALK AWAY!


If someone says this is a one-off, "oops" litter, there should still be vaccinations. People who have 'oopsie' litters are not looking to make money and want only to place the puppies in happy, good homes - they will come vaccinated and for a low cost. Anyone looking to make a profit, repeatedly, without properly genetic/health screening parents, is a puppy mill. Those dogs are not bred for any benefit, except monetary, and often have very poor lives.

Retirees Available

None at this time.

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