Available Pyrenees

Upcoming Litters

At this time we have no dogs/puppies available.

We will not be having another litter until 2022 at the earliest.

If you are looking for a Pyrenees at this time, we recommend contacting the following:

Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario Rescue


GPCC Breeder's Corner


Be sure to do your research on where your dog is coming from! A farm does not mean it is a GOOD Pyrenees. You want to be sure that the parents have had health clearances from SPECIALISTS (not a regular vet - 'healthy' does not mean good to be bred). Genetic conditions are not always visible.

If you are paying more than $1000 and there is no health guarantee (lifetime, not year -- they are not TOYS), no vaccines, no paperwork (even a purchase agreement) -- WALK AWAY! People who have 'oopsie' litters are not looking to make money and want only to place the puppies in happy, good homes - they will come vaccinated and at minimal costs. Anyone looking to make a profit, repeatedly, without properly genetic/health screening parents is a puppy mill.

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Retirees Available

None at this time.