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We know we are crazy...

So it is official ONE WEEK until we start the drive to Nova Scotia.

Robin was concerned today since the Nor'Easter that is blowing through Southwestern Ontario over the next few days is then supposed to head East -- but as I said to her, we are ADVENTURING! Besides, our Honda Pilot will keep us safe, and if we have to seek shelter.. thats what hotels are for.

Beyond Robin's paranoia, we are also crazy for another reason... we are taking a dog with us. No, not one of our own dogs either. We are taking the brave and good Leonberger, Ch. Norlil's Gabriel of Orovale, Katie's dog show companion. Gabe's parents (owners) are kind enough to entrust the Cidwm crew with their golden boy for his right of passage -- his first trip out East, where he will adventure, show, and dip his paws in the ocean for the first time. Yes, that's right, you read show. He has been entered at the Cobequid dog show in Bible Hill, NS. He will be making his debut as a special.

Yes, Katie is that crazy.

So, not only are we beginning to plan and pack our own belongings, but Gabe's trousseau has been prepared by his parents as well.

Super excited!!

7 days to go!

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