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What's the latest at Cidwm

This is just an update on what is currently going on at Cidwm.

So, yes we do still have a female puppy available from our last litter, technically. What this means is that we want to keep a female puppy from this litter, but Katie really likes both the females she held back and can't make up her mind. So! They have been sent to summer camp at Glenire Acres Farm for livestock guardian introductory training for a few weeks. Hopefully this will give them some time to grow and Katie a chance to view them critically when they come home.

In exchange we borrowed Glenire Edward to give him some house manners. He is 6 months old and looking for a pet home. Please contact Glenire Great Pyrenees (Katie's aunt Valerie Toth) for more details.

In the meantime, Katie is taking our UKC Ch Glenire Acadia for Keeps, along with her brother Angus, to a set of 8 dog shows in Kars, Ont for the next week. She is also taking our male puppy Cidwm's Cumae Prophecy (Prof) for some exposure. Fingers crossed these two young dogs do well!

Well thats all the news for now. Please be aware that response to inquiries will lag for the next week as internet access will be limited. The telephone will still work, as James will be home to answer or respond to messages. Thanks!

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