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Update on litter plans

Many of you have been inquiring as to whether we are still planning a litter for this Fall - we certainly are and are currently waiting on *NEW* CKC UKC Ch. Glenire Acadia for Keeps, CGN to come into her estrus. She is due to come in any time now, however this is not an exact science and has a lot of factors (environmental, mental, and physical) so essentially - it's up to Acadia.

Her demeanour has us hopeful it will be soon, and we are keeping close watch, so fingers crossed!

She came into estrus earlier than expected earlier this year, which is why although the litter was originally planned for Spring/Summer, it has been off put to Fall/Winter. When she came in February, it was not good timing for us so we had to wait. As many of you know, we do not have a litter every year - so we make sure that the timing is right for the best outcome for the puppies (wet Springs lend themselves to upset puppy tummies when they start going outside); so we feel colder temperatures will be better for them.

As to future litter plans, we generally average a litter every 16-18months, however we are planning on having a break after this upcoming litter in order to enable our current dogs to grow up, have their health tests, and be shown.

Although we love the current females we have, re-breeding them at this time (following Acadia's litter) would not be productive for our lines as it would not advance them. Unless we happen to see lines we wish to incorporate, we can wait for our current female and males to mature.

In the mean time, we are hoping to finish UKC Ch. Cidwm's Goddess Athena, CGN - she only needs one more point for the Canadian Kennel Club championship. We shall see what comes in the next few months. Her son Cidwm's Cumae Prophecy (Prof) is well toward his CKC championship with 4 pts from the last time he was shown - he and his best buddy Shanlimore Cidwm Glenire (Troll) will also be hitting the shows in the near future.

For those who are waiting for puppy news - please be patient. Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to get your Pyr fill in the meantime!

BIS RBIS UKC CKC Ch. Glenire Xachary Binx with James

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