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Breaking radio silence...

We have been up to our eyeballs in events, job changes, puppies and home improvements!

We're sorry we have been so out of touch.

First thing is first - yes we have puppies, and they are all spoken for. We appreciate those who have reached out.

Beyond that, we have recently returned from Kalamzoo, MI where we attended the UKC Premier show and Top Ten competition. It was lovely to see some of our American friends again!

Wrath took best of breed every time he set foot in the ring, maintaining his position of #1 Pyrenees so far. Our girls took turns getting Reserve Winners Female to a lovely young female - so nice to meet some new Pyrenees owners and encourage their learning of the breed! See what the year will bring.

We are working towards Producer Hall of Fame statuses for our CKC Gr.Ch. UKC Ch. Glenire Xachary Binx, CGN (Xach) and CK UKC Ch. Glenire Acadia for Keeps, CGN (Acadia). This requires some assistance from their children! In order for a male to have this status, he must have sired 6 champions, and a female must have produced 4 champions.

So far we have:

CKC Ch. Cidwm's Forsaken Avenger

CKC Ch. Cidwm's Fawlty Towers

CKC UKC ABI JrCh. Cidwm's Fullmetal Silver Dragon

We are bringing out a few of their other offspring to help finish this up (Frost, Willow, Wolf, and -maybe- Murphy if we can steal him from his human daddy *hint hint nudge nudge*.

We are anxiously awaiting the delivery of fencing material to complete perimeter fencing around our property! As many of you have likely experience, we were told it would be delivered in June... they have five days left to fulfill their promise. Sigh.

Once this fencing arrives and is installed, we can a) allow the more more free reign b) acquire a new flock of sheep and c) FINALLY have our crew working again, making them much happier. All in good time.

We are still unpacking from the move.. and still missing items we are SURE we packed; not the least of which are the reusable/washable bed pads we use in our puppy pens -- we had just bought some prior to our move, think we can find them? HA! Thankfully we have a washer/dryer at this house, so at least we can stay on top of it!

Tomorrow is bath day in preparation of photo day on Monday for the new babies, the H litter (Hermes, Hectate, Hebe, and Helen). We are excited for JVT photography to come and snap some magic!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for these images ASAP!

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