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New year - new season?

The warm weather has us in a bit of a flurry, as it makes us itch to accomplish things that are probably better left to waiting until the REAL Spring comes.

We cannot yet continue our fencing, as the weather is unreliable and although our sandy loam soil drains well, we still do not trust that the truck will not get stuck! Plus, our tractor is in need of a minor repair and we are awaiting the dealer to arrange that.

The show season has come to a close, and we must say we are pleased with the results. After cajoling Troll into showing, bribing him with roast beef and love, and keeping him sublimely clean... he managed to finish the year accomplishing our goals!

#2 Great Pyrenees (both in breed standings and overall standings)


2nd Great Pyrenees to gain the GrCh. Bronze title! This required attaining and additional 50pts beyond his grand champion title).

Full name:

CKC GrChB. UKC Ch. Shanlimore Cidwm Glenire, CGN, TT

... next year we will finish his sprinter title for sure and who knows what else! But, no more conformation shows for him -- that was the promise we made in exchange for his co-operation this year. Thank you Rayna White for all your handling and help with him.

Our show plans for next year are likely to be fairly boring - Hectate is the only one who will still need to attain her championship, but she has a lot of growing to do! She will be a big girl, following in her mother Athena's footsteps with the added boost of her daddy Lucas' size too. We will take our time, as she is not a fluffy puppy and has very long legs, the judges will not be awed by her "floof" as they would like. Better to us, much easier to keep a correct, working coat! If the clubs that hold shows keep up with offering altered classes, we may bring out Acadia and Athena from time to time, but that looks about it for awhile.

In the works, we are looking at acquiring Button Quail! Our dogs have come to adore these bite sized eggs, and since we have the space (not that they take much) and the knowledge, we think they will be a good addition to our farm. We will then be able to offer farmgate sales of Quail eggs! These will be available fresh or frozen - both for dog and human consumption! Stay tuned for pictures.

We are also excited to be moving onto the next phase of barn restoration, now that the stall for Willow has been completed. We need to re-wire the building (thankfully James has knowledge of that) and then start organizing/demoing areas to reclaim and reuse space! Tack room and sheep area here we come!

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