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Rome was not built in a day.

We are sorry we seem to disappear a lot. We do keep active on our Facebook page ( so you can always pop on there to see some of what we are up to.

Recently we had been madly working on the first portion of the new fence around our property - especially since we had a Temperament Test event back on September 25 and wanted to be sure that the property was secure for our canine guests and their handlers. We have success! The first half of the property is fenced, and the gate is even low enough now that Troll cannot crawl under (thanks buddy for showing us our failings initially).

We have both been busy at work full time, with Hectate being spoilt and accompanying Katie to the office daily. So lucky she works for fellow Pyrenees lovers!

We have also started to revamp our barn, removing old installments form the previous owners, and beginning to make plans for Willow's stall. WINTER IS COMING!

Jaime also had the lovely discovery that we are pretty sure our electric in the barn is fairly illegal, so that is a new project for him. Fun fun.

We have finished all the upgrades to the house that we wanted to complete this year prior to the final energy audit! We have booked an appointment with Energuy to come and see all the new changes, and hopefully will get some of our investment back in government and company rebates! Woot!

Katie has also been busy a lot of weekends at dog shows, not only showing our dogs, but also assisting her professional handler friend Rayna White. Great times with many different breeds - she even knows how to (kind of) spray up a Poodle. The next two weekends with be filled with not only dog shows, but also Fleecefest is back! Our dogs will be representing the Great Pyrenees Club of Canada (and of course their breed as a whole) on this Saturday event at the Paris Fairgrounds -- hope to see you there!

Again, please feel free to reach out - we do our best to answer in a timely manner. We hope this gives you an idea of what madness we and our dogs have been up to lately!

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