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So you want to breed?

Updated: Apr 4

Recently we were contacted by someone looking to breed their Pyrenees.

They informed us she was unregistered, but a good puppy. They wanted to breed to "just let her have one litter".

There are a few conditions we adhere to when considering offering our males for stud.

1. The female must be registered.

As CKC registered breeders, we are prohibited from participating in unregistered litters. It could cost us our registration, not to mention risk the purity of our breed (with an unregistered dog there is no record of parentage and therefore guarantee of purity of the breed).

2. The female must be health tested.

This goes beyond being healthy. She must have her hips OFA or PennHip certified as 'good' or 'excellent'. Ideally, she has had her patellas examined by a DVM, her eyes certified by an OFA specialist, and her elbows radiographed and certified by OFA or PennHip. These are what we consider minimum health certifications. This will help guarantee the health of the puppies and ward against future concerns. It is also integral to our ability to ensure the puppies will live long healthy lives.

3. Although not required, it is a bonus if the female has a demonstrated show record.

This is not to say she has to be a champion, but having a record of her attending shows and being examined by CKC, AKC, UKC, or FCI judges demonstrates her adherence to the standard of our breed.

4. What is the purpose of the breeding?

Dogs do not need to breed to live fulfilling lives. Your children do not need to see a litter of puppies born to understand the circle of life, or to just 'have the experience'. Breeding is not to be taken so lightly.

Our breed rescue is overflowing with large white livestock guardian dogs produced so the mother could 'just have one litter'. These puppies are then placed in unsuitable homes as they are offered online for sale without guarantee or follow up, just a requirement of cash in hand. This breed is not for everyone. Attention must be paid to temperament, health, and proper home placement.

Breeding is a back breaking, heart wrenching process, that is costly and exhausting. There are long nights, terrified mornings, and overwhelming moments of relief and joy. So many things can go wrong. So many things can go right. No one should breed if they are not willing to commit to a lifelong responsibility to the puppies they create. All the puppies we bred are welcome to return to us at any stage of their life if circumstance requires it. We will always be able to be found and contacted. We are here to preserve and protect our breed.

A real breeder will never just disappear, nor breed just for the sake of breeding.

With all that said, our males are available to approved registered females, but please do not contact us for unregistered breedings. Thank you.

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