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The countdown to Spring...

We keep getting tantalized with warm weather followed by cold lately!

Our new property should be much drier than our previous one, and how clean the dogs are staying without much effort is testament to this!

Cidwm's Cariana Bonum, NTD^

We had a lovely photoshoot with our friend Mary-Ellen of OurDreams Viszlas. The snowy background was too pristine to not utilize!

CKC Gr.Ch. BIS RBIR UKC Ch. Glenire Xachary Binx, CGN^

Considering Xach had his ninth birthday this past December, he has not missed a stride! We had a chiropractic check-up at The Poodle Farm and their chiropractor could not believe the great condition he is in!

CKC UKC Ch. Cidwm's Cumae Prophecy^

Our picky boy Prof seems happy at the new house, although he looks forward to when the perimeter fence goes up and he can resume his daily farm duties. With the new property we are planning on getting a new flock of sheep in the Summer and we know he will be happy to be back "on the job".

CKC UKC Ch. Shanlimore Cidwm Glenire^

Troll has become our Steve McQueen of the pack lately! He has taught everyone that they can scale the greenhouse that lines the back yard and attempted to make friends with neighbour dogs! Thankfully, the German Shepherds were too confused/startled to do anything but follow him around. He even joined their ranks when they were barking as Katie as she went to retrieve him - until he recognized his mommy. Lordy.

We have many plans for the warmer months, everything is ice covered with the thaw/freeze pattern we seem to have. We will likely be having a "farm day" to get the fencing up, so look forward to that announcement on our Facebook page!

We hope everyone has had a good start to the year, and look forward to seeing everyone as the weather warms!

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