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What're we at?

Let's start off with this: the last six months have been hellish for us.

The joy that is puppies, is also a part of the mire that we have been sloughing through.

Acadia and Xach's puppies have gone on to wonderful homes, with people who love them and give us updates -- which is such a relief, and pleasure.

Cari and Troll's litter of two has been... beyond words.

Cloud and Espe are easily some of the most life altering puppies we have ever had. They are full of personality, attitude, and to us perfect in every way.

Unfortunately, Espe's body did not hold to our perception.

Through numerous veterinary visits (she had been going to the vet at LEAST biweekly since birth), we identified that she was born with two defects, a hiatal hernia, and kidney dysplasia. These conditions were likely a result of her prematurity, and therefore not genetic, but they had a toll. The hernia was affecting her ability to eat/retain food, and the kidneys were not functioning properly, essentially failing.

Thank you to the teams at Shellard Lane Veterinary Hospital (Brantford) and the team at the Ontario Veterinary College Companion Animal Clinic (Guelph) for all your hard work and constant communication - we appreciate it so much.

Having reached just over five months old, and over the course of a few weeks, it was apparent she was fighting so hard, but the odds were too stacked against her.

February 4, 2021 we helped her find peace.

Our souls shattered.

Cloud is a miracle. She is now the sole survivor of a litter of twelve, born a week premature.

She is a tank. She is a force. She is SO GOOD. She is perfect (trust me, we have checked every aspect). And we are so grateful.

After all that we have endured in the past six months, we are taking a sabbatical. We need to focus on what we have, and restore ourselves. Therefore, we are not even considering any breeding until 2022. We hope you will all understand, and appreciate your support.

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