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When the going gets tough...

...the tough shift to Brantford.

So! As we have announced on our website and Facebook page, we are expecting two litters simultaneously (thanks to the dog gods' sense of humour). These litters were planned, just we would have preferred to have had a year between, but circumstances... anyhoo...

Our living situation is not ideal for this amount of spacial requirements, plus James is starting a new project at work and will be less available to assist with all things puppy. As such, since we are blessed with amazing friends, Katie and four of our dogs (including the two females expecting) will be moving short-term to a friend's house in Brantford. This will enable her to be closer to our support network, the veterinarian (both regular and emergency), and also give her more space and easier climate control.

Do we like having to do this? Absolutely not, but we are grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

Throw back to puppy Cariana ^

So what does this mean? This means that, after Monday Aug 3, 2020, the expectant mothers (as well as Prof and Miss) will be located in Brantford. We are still booking meet n' greets with the whole pack until this time. After that we are typically in puppy lockdown anyway (see our previous blog post about Biohazards), but the sires of the litter, as well as Cari's mother Athena, will be available to meet interested parties. We are utilizing a mask and hand washing protocol at this time.

We will not welcome visitors for the puppies until they are at least 4 weeks old. They will have socialization with members of our family until this point to ensure their health. We will post updates online and maintain contact with those who desire to purchase a puppy, but puppy safety comes first. We hope to be bringing the puppies home to the farm at around 6 weeks old, if all works out how we would like.

At 7 weeks old they are temperament tested and between 7 and 8 weeks receive their first vaccinations and check up. It is at this time we will invite the owners-to-be out to visit and make their final selections on puppies based on the test results and their desires.

So please, if in online updates you see a strange background (although to be honest much nicer than our current home) do not be alarmed. It is only temporary and for the good of the dogs/puppies.

Thank you for your understanding,

Cidwm Great Pyrenees

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