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The countdown is on!

So we are counting down until March 20, 2017.

This is the date we will be leaving for a road trip to go to the East Coast! New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I -- here we come!

Of course, this is not something we can do on the fly. We have arranged for the "children" (Xach, Athena, and Acadia) to be dispersed to their relatives, and also for a family friend to look after the cat, fish, and rabbits in our home.

Thanks to our aunt Valerie Toth (Glenire Reg'd) for having Xach and Acadia, and to Katie's mum for looking after Athena.

We are leaving March 20 for approximately 10 days!

We are hopefully going to visit some of the puppies we have living on the East coast, and those one the way east - shout out to Nuevo Norte Alpacas, Arriba Linea Alpacas, Albert Bridge Alpacas, Cyberlis #alpacas #nuevonortealpacas #arribalineaalpacas #albertbridgealpacas #cyberlis

We also plan on visiting friends and family.

17 days until we leave!!

Fidget of Cidwm - the dog cat

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