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Legit route planning!

So today we three (James, Robin and I) went up to our local CAA to plan and print our TripTik to guide us on our adventure. Might as well get some use out of my CAA membership...

We drove up to the Brantford CAA location and were a little overwhelmed. We have never done this type of adventure before. Thankfully, the young lady who helped us was very friendly and helpful. She helped us use the route we wanted, inputted the stops we planned to make, and had lots of great suggestions. She was awesome! #CAABrantford

James decided we should go through the U.S on the way home and do a bit of shopping (admittedly we do need new running shoes) and she helped him plan that too! According to our free road maps, it looks like we are going through Maine ("going way up there huh?" #JohnPinette), Massachusetts, and New York states.

This feels like it is getting real now!

16 days to go!

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