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Official news!

We are proud to state that we are expecting puppies!

UKC Ch. Cidwm's Goddess Athena, is now in her 5th week of pregnancy. She is already RAVENOUS, and showing signs of increasing. The puppies themselves are theoretically not gaining size until next week - but already she is visibly pregnant. The approximate due date is mid April.

We have altered our "Available Pyrenees" page to reflect this news. You will find images of both parents and the pedigree of the expected litter.

Athena has had to put her show career on hold, half-way to her championship, for this event. We do feel she will be such a good mother that this was a sacrifice she is willing to take. Once she has recovered her physique, she will be back in the ring and finish her championship in no time! (Her mother did the same thing!).

If you are considering getting a Pyrenees puppy this Summer, this may be the litter for you. Please contact us via email or telephone to discuss possibilities.

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