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We are on the move!

Finally, after a few years of... experimental living in Haldimand county, we will be moving to Brant County at the end of December!

Our new home will be much more guest-friendly, and a paradise for our dogs (and horse and cat) once we update the fencing situation.

This means a few things for those who know us:

  1. We will not be having any visitors or guests until AT LEAST the new year.

  2. We are not planning any litters until we are settled (Spring at the earliest).

  3. Please be patient while we move/get settled - we have arranged for REAL internet at the new location, just need some time for it to be setup and of course to unpack.

  4. We have been taking a little break from dog shows and this will continue to do so until likely Summer.

  5. We may put the call out for volunteers to help do fencing in the Spring ;)

This location will not only put us closer to family and friends, but more importantly, our beloved veterinary clinic Shellard Lane Animal Hospital - hurray!

We will try to keep everyone updated as things change, but thought this would be a good update as we have been a little radio-silent lately.

Since it is that time of year: we hope you have a Happy Christmas and a good New Year!

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